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To extend the reach into your community, we share the successes and experience of other music groups that we have serviced for a multitude of environments.  


We provide these services on schedule within your budget and are able to repair your current musical instruments to their original condition.  


For other groups, we can install new instruments that help you prepare a new experience for your members and newcomers.


Our experiences help address the following common issues that arise and our solutions that improve the experience of all those who participate. 

Solve Sound Reinforcement repetitive problems, once and for all!
Do you ever have feedback?  Or find your microphone is not on when you begin to speak or sing?  
If you are like most organizaztions, you have volunteers that are operating sound equipment that was originally intended for professional operators. 
Your volunteers need appropriate equipment to help them provide quality sound reinforcement and avoid embarrassment.
We can update your Public Address system with digital sound equipment and train volunteers so that it can be operated by almost anybody and minimize undesired interruptions such as feedback.
We can also upgrade your system to ADA standards and adjust it to meet the needs of the hearing impaired in your congregation.
Solve Band issues with 'Arranger' keyboards
Pop and Contemporary music requires the coordinated work of an entire band to provide accompaniment.  Related issues will arise, such as:
What happens if some of your volunteers don't show? 
    Or an amateur compromises the musical integrity of the group?
Our proven processes extend the use of arranger keyboards that permit a reliable accompaniment that can be
customized to the band members present and their respective talents.
In addition, our process can quickly introduce a variety of musical styles to enliven your services.
Lighting reinforces your message . . . so it will be remembered!
Theatre lighting techniques accentuate the mood and meaning ! 
This requires a modern lighting system to set the mood of the production to reinforce the message so it will be remembered!
Our selection of lighting systems and controllers allow you to custom design your productions that can be operated by volunteers and keep your members and newcomers coming back!
Accentuate the feeling  with Hammond Organs!
Classic Hammond organs are the solid bedrock of Jazz, R&B, and Gospel worship. 
Your audience will not be able to sit still while the organist belts out another verse of your favorite song.






Plan for tomorrow and call today for an appointment      We help you sound your best!  

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